Jacinta Palmer is the pen name I use for writing content in the genres of fantasy | romance | supernatural | cozy mystery

I am also an editor / beta reader

I love dogs and support dog rescue. I currently own a dachshund but my family have had many breeds over the years.

If I'm not buried in a book, I'm likely writing about supernatural creatures, fantastic worlds, time travel, myths, legends, mysteries, romance & relationships.

I'm happily married with a grown-up family, hence I now have extra time to indulge in writing. Long walks are great for plotting, they keep me fit, alongside pilates classes. Sometimes I hang out at a coffee shop to write, fuelling my inspiration with a cake or pastry.

I've been pescatarian since 2019 & I sometimes share recipes. I'm keen to broaden my horizons with travel, but I'm afraid of heights and I hate to be cold so ... no skiing for me!

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Jacinta Palmer

Jacinta Palmer

*Does not Follow for Follow* Writing the kind of Fiction I love to Read | YA | Magical | Romance | Supernatural | Editor (she/her) | Besotted with dogs